Sugaring Hair Removal


Sugar + Lemon + Water

sugaring natural hair removal

The sugar paste is heated to body temperature and applied against the direction of hair growth. The paste molds around the hair follicle and the sugar practitioner “flicks” the paste in the direction of hair growth, resulting in smooth, hairless skin with a less abrasive removal method. Any body part that could be waxed can be sugared instead!


We generally prefer sugaring to traditional wax because it can’t burn or lift the skin and causes fewer ingrown hairs. Once clients make the switch from traditional wax to sugar, they rarely go back!



We offer a selection of body sugaring services for both women and men. Our Sugaristas are professionally trained and strive to deliver comfortable, pain free, thorough hair removal. Intimate sugaring is our specialty!

henna brows


Our brow vibe is natural! Using a finger or stick, our skilled Sugaristas will sugar your brows using just a pea-sized ball of sugar.  Try it and feel the difference! Without the harsh effects of waxing, your skin will be softer and smoother. We will also trim and tweeze as necessary to get every last hair.  A monthly maintenance schedule is recommended so we can “get to know” your brows.



A lash lift is a natural, less expensive way to get that daily curl.  The lashes are adhered unto a silicon strip while a perming solution is applied.  The result?  Beautifully curled lashes without the hassle.


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