Body + Face

Sugaring is an art form and to do it well takes practice and patience.  Our Sugaristas are professionally trained by leading industry trainers.  Our specialty is intimate sugaring and we have performed hundreds of brazilian sugaring treatments.  Our goals are simple.  We want you to be comfortable and to get you the cleanest most efficient hair removal with the least amount of pain.

FACE/Brows $30
FACE/Lip $25
FACE/Chin $25
FACE/Sideburns $25
FACE/Full Face no Brows $45
TORSO/Abdomen $25
INTIMATE/Brazilian $75
INTIMATE/Extended Bikini $48
INTIMATE/Bikini Line $40
INTIMATE/Rear Checks + Interglutes $55
ARMS/Underarms $30
ARMS/Full $70
ARMS/Half $48
LEGS/Full $100
LEGS/Half $50
LEGS/Full Legs + Brazilian $160
LEGS/Full Legs + Bikini Line $140

Brow Henna

Our skilled Sugaristas measure, sugar, trim and tweeze to get the perfect brow for your face.  Add Henna or tint to make your brows pop even more.
Brow Sugar + Henna $55
Brow Sugar + Tint $55

Lash Lift

We love the lash lift because it uses your own natural lashes.  It’s an easy 45 minute service for lifted lashes that will last you 4-6 weeks.
Lash Lift $68
Lash Lift + Tint $90